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Interested in hearing how local businesses are navigating these uncertain times? WTC Winnipeg's short podcasts series showcases individuals sharing about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and also how they are adapting their operations. The WTC Winnipeg team remains dedicated to supporting you as it relates to your business activities. For information about our services, please visit our webiste:

Recent Episodes

"Millions of users are using our platform" | Interview with Chris Johnson from Permission Click - Innovation SeriesNovember 05, 2020 Episode artwork “We believe that we are the future of learning” | Interview with Ketaki Ogale from BHyve - Innovation SeriesNovember 02, 2020 Episode artwork "We help organisations create and deliver training to their employees" | Interview with Dan Belhassen from Neovation - Innovation SeriesOctober 29, 2020 Episode artwork “We want to help kids, both in Manitoba and beyond” | Interview with Carly Shuler from Hoot Reading - Innovation SeriesOctober 23, 2020 Episode artwork “We’re innovating and developing with our partners” | Interview with Declan McDonald from PriceRazzi - Innovation SeriesOctober 21, 2020 Episode artwork “Using advanced technologies to make Winnipeg the safest city in Canada” | Interview with Brett Carter from Goodeye Technologies - Innovation SeriesOctober 20, 2020 Episode artwork "One of the top 3 news outlets for this technology in the world” | Interview with Kerry Stevenson from Fabbaloo - Innovation SeriesOctober 16, 2020 Episode artwork "I believe the world's most natural resource is human creativity" | Interview with Nate Kasten from Grey and Ivy Inc. - Innovation SeriesOctober 08, 2020 Episode artwork "Unique, discreet and elegant" | Interview with Melanie Derwin from Serenity Productions - Innovation SeriesOctober 08, 2020 Episode artwork "I was one of the lucky ones around the world" | Interview with Brenda Cardenas from Digital Army - Innovation SeriesOctober 08, 2020 Episode artwork "We’re taking a road trip through rural Manitoba with our wares" | Interview with Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk - Tourism seriesAugust 04, 2020 Episode artwork "We offer a private lakeside cabin experience" | Interview with Caleigh Christie - Tourism seriesJuly 31, 2020 Episode artwork "Connecting people with nature" | Interview with Liz Wilson - Tourism seriesJuly 29, 2020 Episode artwork "On travaille un projet gratuit de pique-nique" | Entrevue avec Jean-Marc Champagne - TourismeJuly 29, 2020 Episode artwork "Rediscover Winnipeg while enjoying our amenities" | Interview with Jean-François Vary - Tourism seriesJuly 29, 2020 Episode artwork “Showing you all the secret hidden gems in St. Boniface” | Interview with Jean-Marc Champagne - Tourism seriesJuly 28, 2020 Episode artwork “The symphonic jewel of North America” | Interview with Trudy Schroeder - Tourism SeriesJuly 27, 2020 Episode artwork “The biggest collection of fossiled marine reptiles in Canada” | Interview with Adolfo Cuetara - Tourism seriesJuly 24, 2020 Episode artwork “An opportunity to really look at what our experience was” | Interview with Jeff Mayo - Tourim SeriesJuly 23, 2020 Episode artwork "We tell this story the way it should be told" | Interview with Barb Gluck - Tourism SeriesJuly 22, 2020 Episode artwork "Reignite people's joie de vivre" | Interview with Darrel Nadeau - Tourism seriesJuly 17, 2020 Episode artwork "On commence à rouler!" | Entrevue avec Darrel Nadeau | TourismeJuly 17, 2020 Episode artwork "On Amazon alone we grew by 400%" | Interview with Alfred LeaJuly 09, 2020 Episode artwork "The most important move forward is going to be mobility" | Interview with Rick KempJuly 09, 2020 Episode artwork "The mist in your mind becomes fog in your organisation" | Interview with Darrell BoykoJuly 06, 2020 Episode artwork