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Interested in hearing how local businesses are navigating these uncertain times? WTC Winnipeg's short podcasts series showcases individuals sharing about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and also how they are adapting their operations.The WTC Winnipeg team remains dedicated to supporting you as it relates to your business activities. Please contact us by email or by phone 204.253.4888/1.800.665.2019. You can also visit our website:

Recent Episodes

"The world is changing - people want their things at their door and they want it now" | Interview with John SparrowMay 26, 2020 Episode artwork "By nature, business owners are an entrepreneurial bunch" | Interview with Ryan RawlukMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork "What we thought would take years is now going to take months" I Interview with Jason LeibertMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork "La boulangerie est encore ouverte" | Entrevue avec Sue LeclairMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork "COVID is just another way of pivoting" | Interview with Sue LeclairMay 15, 2020 Episode artwork "On avait des bouteilles de surplus qu'on a donné aux distilleries" | Entrevue avec Guy ChartierMay 15, 2020 Episode artwork "For some reason, people are stocking up on honey as well" | Interview with Guy ChartierMay 15, 2020 Episode artwork "L'équipe a dû virer à 180 degrés" | Entrevue avec Julie MichaudMay 14, 2020 Episode artwork "It was a complete 180" | Interview with Julie Michaud May 11, 2020 Episode artwork "We are leaders in what we do" | Interview with Jack MaendelMay 07, 2020 Episode artwork "We've done more business during COVID than in the history of the company" | Interview with Daniel BlairMay 06, 2020 Episode artwork "We looked for everyone's voice" | Interview with Ed Dornn and Tilda FortierMay 05, 2020 Episode artwork "On track for a banner year" | Interview with Kevin KlaassenMay 05, 2020 Episode artwork "We've never worked this hard in our entire careers" | Interview with Brian ScharfsteinApril 29, 2020 Episode artwork "There's always a message in the mess" | Interview with Colleen DyckApril 29, 2020 Episode artwork "It's our duty to keep the economy going" | Interview with Mark MyrowichApril 28, 2020 Episode artwork "C'était un apprentissage rapide pour nous" | Entrevue avec Jardins St-LéonApril 24, 2020 Episode artwork "Hoping to have a very good year amid this pandemic" | Interview with St-Léon GardensApril 24, 2020 Episode artwork "More business than usual" | Interview with Catherine MetryckiApril 24, 2020 Episode artwork "Continuing to nourish the heart and soul" | Interview with Carly MinishApril 23, 2020 Episode artwork "It affected us at a critical time" | Interview with Amanda BuhseApril 23, 2020 Episode artwork 'We've had to come up with a strategy to get through this weird time" | Interview with Heidi Reimer-EppApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork "Il y a eu une tempête de demandes pour les masques" | Entrevue avec David DandeneauApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork Finding opportunity amid a pandemic | Interview with David DandeneauApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork "If the internet is out for 90 seconds, we get a call right away" | Interview with Bryan KingApril 16, 2020 Episode artwork